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A resume today, is no longer your career obituary – a list of all the jobs you’ve held and what you did there. The resume has evolved to become a foundational marketing document for your career, communicating the stories of success that demonstrate your value to a target employer.

If your value fails to stand out, your resume will be tossed aside on the “no” pile and never looked at again. Are you sending out your current resume but not getting selected for interviews? If yes, the first place we need to look is your resume. You have come to the right place!

Over the years, the job market has changed dramatically. Previously, just having a “chat” with a potential employer was often enough to get your foot in the door. Now, the single most important document you need to sell your skills and experience to a potential employer is an outstanding resume/CV.

Simply put, you have 6 seconds to get the attention of the reader. How can you do this when you are competing against hundreds of other applicants for the same position?

At Total Resumes our team of certified, savvy and experienced resume writing professionals have a proven track record in preparing and assisting applicants worldwide by creating tailored, professional documents! With Total Resumes help, you’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. 2 years ago
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