EveryDog’s mission is to help dog lovers find new dog friendly places using location based searches identifying beaches, hikes, cafes, breweries, bars, markets, events and/or accommodation. We also share dog friendly day trip itineraries with our EveryDog Trails.

EveryDog also provides a platform for the dog loving community to share their knowledge by adding or reviewing their favourite dog friendly locations. We exist to help you ‘take them with you’ as much as possible.

Mummy Tea is Australia’s No 1. organic herbal tea for pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. Caffeine free, blended and packed in Australia.

AFL Women’s (AFLW) is Australia’s national Australian rules football league for female players. The first season of the league began in February 2017 with 8 teams, expanded to 10 teams in the 2019 season, and will expand to 14 teams in the 2020 season.

Vet Products Direct is a company of veterinary surgeons, vet nurses and skilled warehouse staff. We have been providing high quality professional pet and animal products in conjunction with professional advice since 1998.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. You can be absolutely sure you are buying 100% genuine approved veterinary products when you deal with Vet Products Direct.

We’re passionate about women and men feeling informed, confident and prepared for pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

A safe pregnancy and birth is at the top of every expectant parent’s wish list. And a happy, healthy mother and baby is at the top of every parent’s wish list!

At BellyBelly, we’ll give you access to the very best, evidence-based, pregnancy, birth and baby information. Because we know you’ll want to make the very best decisions for your body, and your baby.

Women Sport Australia (WSA) is the peak national advocacy body for women in sport. WSA fights to lower the many barriers facing women and girls in sport including the right to:

  • Equal pay, workplace conditions and career progression
  • Equal access to competition and training facilities, sports medicine and administration
  • Equal media time, space, treatment and status
  • Equal access to leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Australia has come a very long way in promoting female sport’s participation and getting behind female teams from various sporting codes. But there is still a lot of room for growth, which is really exciting.

A resume today, is no longer your career obituary – a list of all the jobs you’ve held and what you did there. The resume has evolved to become a foundational marketing document for your career, communicating the stories of success that demonstrate your value to a target employer.

If your value fails to stand out, your resume will be tossed aside on the “no” pile and never looked at again. Are you sending out your current resume but not getting selected for interviews? If yes, the first place we need to look is your resume. You have come to the right place!

Over the years, the job market has changed dramatically. Previously, just having a “chat” with a potential employer was often enough to get your foot in the door. Now, the single most important document you need to sell your skills and experience to a potential employer is an outstanding resume/CV.

Simply put, you have 6 seconds to get the attention of the reader. How can you do this when you are competing against hundreds of other applicants for the same position?

At Total Resumes our team of certified, savvy and experienced resume writing professionals have a proven track record in preparing and assisting applicants worldwide by creating tailored, professional documents! With Total Resumes help, you’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

How confident are you when it comes to managing your finances?
Do you have a clearly defined goal and a plan mapped out to get you there?
Or are you so busy with life’s day-to-day activities that your finances are left on autopilot?

If making financial decisions leaves you feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. In fact, research has found that women are not as confident as men when it comes to managing finances, regardless of their actual financial literacy!

If you wish you could be better with your money but just don’t seem to have the time, this website is for you.

Based on a simple truth, that women still represent an enormously under-utilised national resource, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is dedicated to developing female leaders and supporting the increased presence of women in business and community leadership roles.

We believe that supporting a greater percentage of women to step up into leadership across all vocations and industries will have tremendous cultural and economic benefits.​

Operating in all states and territories, the WLA initiative comprises a range of high quality professional development courses, advisory services, networking channels, and on-going research. With over fifteen years of experience in leadership and gender equity, we are ideally positioned to respond to the needs of the contemporary female leader.

Women’s Legal Services Australia is a national network of community legal centres specialising in women’s legal issues. We are part of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).

Our mission is to promote a legal system that is safe, supportive, non-discriminatory and responsive to the needs of women accessing justice.

The individual member centres regularly provide advice, information, casework and legal education to women on particularly family law and family violence matters but can also provide advice on more general legal issues.

In Australia there are six National Women’s Alliances (the Alliances) who represent over 180 women’s organisations. They bring forward the views, voices and issues of Australian women and, in particular, women from marginalised and disadvantaged groups. The Alliances take the lead in ensuring that the voices of as many women as possible are heard, especially those who in the past have found it difficult to engage in advocacy and decision making.


Angelina Zimmerman is the go-to mentor for entrepreneurs and those working in corporate organisations who are dissatisfied with life and want to achieve more. Angie work with clients who are super excited to level up their mindset, health and wealth and ready to create positive change today.

When she’s am not interviewing entrepreneurs for my Zillionaire Superstars podcast show, shifting mindsets via my coaching programs or training corporate clients, or writing articles on mindset for and Addicted2Success, you will find her at the gym, listening to music, meditating, exploring new experiences, new friends and constantly quenching my insatiable desire for knowledge.

Angie is a qualified Results Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer and Writer as well as a qualified gym junkie, serious dog lover, book lover and a personal development enthusiast with over 40 professional qualifications.

Modern Woman Expo will provide a unique opportunity for motivated and passionate women to come together as one!

It also be a celebration for women seeking health and wealth in every aspect of their lives.

The 2,500+ visitors expected will have the opportunity to meet some amazing exhibitors, and hear from some extraordinary speakers across a vast array of industries including fitness, spiritual and mental health, finance, fashion, beauty, nutrition and travel.

The Expo will not only focus on personal development, but also each guest will be thoroughly entertained across the two days.

Each woman will be guaranteed to take away something new, fresh and exciting for them to use immediately in their everyday life!

Grab your girlfriends and head to the Gold Coast Women Expo for an indulgent day to inspire your style, grab some R&R, spark new passions and empower all women. This multi-generations expo is an all-encompassing haven, where you can find exhibitors offering everything from the essentials, to luxuries and indulgences.

No matter your journey, whether you’re the Beauty Queen, Professional, Spiritual Sista, Health Nut or the Domestic Goddess (or them all!), leave the Women Expo feeling informed, empowered and enlightened after a Psychic Reading, free workshops and seminars or joining the ‘Women Circle’ for meditations, women activities and life and love coaching – all held by an array of dynamic keynote speakers and esteemed exhibitors sharing their expertise.

The Expo is an annual event for women of all ages (18-65+) by providing a range of products, services and topics for discussion, all in one central space.

This is truly a unique event aimed at drawing women together to celebrate womanhood, empower, learn and share and really experience what is cutting edge for today.

The Womens Healing Org International (WHOI) provides resources, information, articles, audios, videos and tips to enable you to successfully balance your health, work and personal life and your finances.

Our DNA logo symbolises getting back to basics, taking care of ourselves, our:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Spiritual health
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Work and life balance.

In our busy lives we need simple, effective steps to make our lives work for us. We want to know how to be more rather than do more!

WHOI aims to become partners in women’s health and wellbeing. We want women’s souls to soar in their relationships with self and others, in their personal and working lives.

Our site will cover issues of relevance to  women at all stages of life, from nutrition facts, fitness, balance in work life, working from home, health and wellness in the workplace, personal finance and budgeting, financial literacy,  relationships, health and beauty, symptoms of stress, spirituality, time management techniques, family, divorce to mental wellness issues and much more.

Business and professional women making a difference for women in Australia. Joining BPW Australia is a great way for women to meet, network and socialise with other women who want to see gender equality and work positively towards this aim through projects, research and informative meetings and workshops.

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